Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Net Zero PRODUCTION Building...

Utah Builder Offers Affordable Net Zero Home

And, in Utah no less.  There is a distinction between...

1) Net Zero SITE Energy - which these homes are, with a home generating as much energy as it uses. 
2) Net Zero PRIMARY Energy - accounting for ALL the energy required in order to bring energy to a home, including the energy required at the generation plants, transmission losses, etc.  PRIMARY Energy is of a greater value for a home than SITE Energy.
3) Net Zero COST - Simply, that production and utility billing structure allows that a home never gets an energy bill.
4) Net Zero CARBON - This is probably the truest of what Net-Zero should be.  That a home generates enough energy to offset all the carbon that it produces through consumptive use of energy and other carbon sources (i.e. carbon produced in burning natural gas or propane.)

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