Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GREEN ROOFS: Interview with Interiorscape Magazine

Today I was interviewed by Interiorscape Magazine for an article they are doing on Jim Mumford and his company Greenscaped Buildings. Greenscaped Buildings installed the green roofs at 1491 Neptune (see post Dec.12 2009) The magazine would like to feature our green roofs as part of the article, and of course had plenty of questions for me to answer. We're looking forward to seeing the article when it comes out. Both green roofs are filling in very nicely and are looking fantastic. We're very pleased with the result and we're looking forward to putting more green roofs on our homes yet to be built.


  1. hi, interesting post...great site
    good luck

  2. Thanks! Nice to know that somebody all the way over in the UK is looking at our site and our work. Funny enough, we're flying to London today to visit family. Thanks for following us! Rich

  3. International Bath and Tile is so honored to have been part of this awesome project - Thanks for giving us the opportunity! Best of luck with future endeavors.

  4. Thanks Tamara and IBT. The finishes are the final brush strokes on the canvas, and the work that your company did helped us to create the masterpiece. Thanks again to IBT, and in particular Lisa Reeves, for such a fantastic job!

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